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When was the last time you had a really good look at your Twitter followers, go on be honest – probably never!

So now is the time to take a look and get rid of those followers that we not doing you any good and engage some new followers that will actually interact with you and share your information. Its actually an ongoing job but if you haven’t been keeping it in check recently then now is the time to start. (also on Twitter you do need to keep within the 10% limit between who you follow and who follows you)

We need to make sure our audience engages to increase our overall Klout score and there’s a free tool that you can use to help you with this task and its called friend or follow and it will very quickly show you who has unfollowed you and who you are following that isn’t following you back.

So before you use this tool you need to get your own rules together in order to get a targeted audience, each business will be different depending on your own goals, but they might look something like this

I want to follow

  1. Industry Experts (they don’t have to follow me back)
  2. Users in my geographic location
  3. Targeted profiles that are a particular industry
  4. Targeted profiles that are a particular job title
  5. My customers
  6. My Supplier

You should then put all of these into separate lists so you know who fits where!

Then you would think I want to unfollow

  1. Anyone outside these lists
  2. Anyone who hasn’t followed me back
  3. maybe anyone in these lists that haven’t tweeted in 3 months

Once you have completed this list for you, then think use Friend or follow to help you achieve this. Its a neat tool, once you have logged in you’ll see 3 tabs, Following, Fans and Friends.

Following: are all those accounts you are following that are not following you back
Fans: are those accounts that are following you that you are not following back
Friends: You are following them and they are following you.

The first tab to start on is following, sort the accounts by last tweet and then get rid of anyone that hasn’t tweeted in the last few months. Then with the accounts you have got left go through the ‘I want to follow’ list and cull anyone who doesn’t match the profile. You’ll then have a more workable list to start engaging with. Try retweeting stuff they are sending out, if you see after a while they are not engaging with you then get rid of them.

Then move onto Fans: Again see if these fall into your ‘I want to follow’ list if they do follow them back and engage.

The last one to work on is Friends: Check to make sure they are really the accounts you want again by following your criteria.

Its not the one with the most friends wins, its actually one with the best Klout Score



Karen has extensive knowledge in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which is the method of ensuring that your website gets found in the search engines for targeted keywords. Karen has also worked in the area of Social Media, and whilst this is a very new area of marketing for every business, Karen has stayed ahead of the game by becoming one of the first to qualify for a Social Media ITQ. It is this expertise that has attracted clients to use Karen for Social Media strategies and ongoing training and support in this area.

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