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Cameo Event Hire are in a very social industry, therefore it makes sense that they have a great social presence too. Whilst their ‘contract’ clients are incredibly important, many of their customers are one-off users. Think Marquee Weddings, Garden Parties in a marquee etc… obviously you don’t have too many of those in your lifetime.

It therefore made a lot of sense to talk to the general public and get known as the local ‘Events Experts’.


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However, as with many businesses, these chaps are always out driving their vans, putting in guy ropes (even washing up the catering equipment that they hire out to their clients), so they just don’t have the time to build a strong social media presence for themselves. That’s where JCK comes in…. So yes we tweet, we Facebook, we G+ – and we do this daily. But it’s not just about putting out Cameo’s own content… an important element that can sometimes be forgotten is the audience building exercise, after all you need to get others to share your content too. And, you’ve guessed it. JCK help with this as well…


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We have been using JCK since January 2013, they came highly recommended and it was instantly clear that they were head and shoulders above the rest. We soon discovered they were able to provide a great deal more than just web design. We are now the proud owners of a fantastic new logo, website and a much sharper external image. I can highly recommend JCK marketing.

–  Daniel Pike,  Cameo Event Hire


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