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Isis was originally founded as a Wedding and Events Planning company however the founder, Toni Davey, always had a dream… to open her own unique flower store. So when she opened her first flower store she turned to us to help develop promotional materials that she could use for point of sale and to send to her existing database of clients and contacts.

She launched the first shop with a basic website, that for the first few years did the job, but her blog site was separate and therefore didn’t help her SEO.


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Three years after opening her first store, Toni then opened a new store in a new location and decided it was time to refresh the brand and website. A keen blogger, she wanted something that looked stunning and showed off her flowers to their best, and was easy for her to maintain and update herself.

With a new colour palette to work from we redesigned the logo, but kept the same imagery so that her existing customers would still recognise the now well known brand, and the website now has a truly modern design as well as being responsive (ideal for customers that only remember anniversaries when they get off the train!)


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[tds-quotesymbol symbol4]I would happily recommend JCK

Let JCK know what you would like to accomplish and they will work alongside you to ensure it is achieved. I would happily recommend JCK because they take the time to get to know you. As a company they understand us, our values and essence of our business and what we are trying to achieve.

–  Toni Davey,  ISIS Flowers


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