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Launching a new product is exciting – for us as well as the client! So when The London Pillow Company wanted us to help launch their brand new orthopaedic pillow we jumped at the chance.

With a design like nothing else on the market, their brief was for us to help them showcase all of the unique features it offers so that customers could see the benefits of owning the product, and understand why it is better than others already established in the marketplace.


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For us this meant our designers being able to use their skills to the full… by creating 3D illustrations to appear on the packaging, on the website and on their promotional and merchandising materials. We also produced 360 degree photography so customers could really investigate the pillow before committing to a purchase.

Of course everything else has followed, including the usual business stationery… but we love the brand and product so much it’s been a joy to work on.


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The fact that the JCK Marketing team understands our product and its benefits to our customers has been a major factor in our working relationship. It has meant they are able to quickly translate our thoughts into a range of marketing collateral that can be consumed and understood by our potential customers, in both the retail and wholesale environment.

–  David Bodmer, The London Pillow Company


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Logo & Business Card

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Promotional Booklet & Mail Shot

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