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As the largest hotel in Bromley, the Bromley Court Hotel has long been known as a great venue for conferences, weddings (and wedding fairs) as well as their regular events nights (think Tribute Acts, Jazz Nights, Murder Mystery and the like) are always a sell out.

So when Bromley Court Hotel asked us to help to keep in touch with their segmented databases of regular customers to promote new events and special offers we knew that our our email marketing system was the perfect solution for them…


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Each month we are able to take content from their events programme and sent tailored messages to different groups – all at the touch of a few buttons. Our email system allows us to track bounce rates, click-thrus, unsubscribes – in fact all of the data you would ever need to know – and as loading new data is as simple as ABC their lists keep growing as more and more people find out about them.


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Integer vel dapibus mauris. Vestibulum porttitor, mauris at faucibus condimentum, dolor erat vulputate odio, vitae accumsan augue sapien eget augue. Phasellus est lorem, pulvinar quis diam vel, pharetra varius eros. Proin nec tellus pretium, blandit est vitae, pellentesque lacus.

–  Nola Collinson, Bromley Court Hotel


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