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Kingsholm Venues is the conference centre arm of Gloucester Rugby Club. The website receives a lot of traffic with 25% coming from a mobile device. It was discovered that most of these users simply wanted contact or location details of the venue and did not require the fully blown website. So it was decided that Kingsholm needed to deliver a mobile version of the website that met this very specific need.


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We put together a 3 page mobile only website, which involved a click to call button to get connected via a telephone or a click to map button so that the user could get directions to the club. the third page is a reduced services page so the client recognised that they had landed on the right website.


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We sat with JCK and looked through the analytics of our website, we could see the mobile traffic rising steadily. The users only really wanted contact or location information so faced with these facts it was an easy decision to build a mobile site suited to their needs.

–  Patrick Morris, Kingsholm Venues


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Specifically designed for mobile…

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