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Poo Corner is the affectionate name for the West corner in Madjeski Stadium that all London-Irish fans recognise as The Corner to sit when watching their beloved team. Pump Technology are the brains behind the brand. They are passionate about ‘pumping poo’ and London Irish and wanted to pull the two together to promote our company but also to ensure that the supporters and fans of London Irish had a good time when at home matches, so needed a fun website and social media activity to pull it all together


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JCK delivered a fun looking website that provides the core information for the Social Media activity that drives fans to the site on match days. Using social media platforms as the tools JCK deliver competitions and conversation on the lead up to match days and on the day itself. All the activity drives a lot of conversation and more importantly brand awareness.


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People think we’re mad, we are perfectly potty poo-pumping people who like to enjoy ourselves, but we do like to give back to the community and this is one way we achieve this. We love what JCK have done for us – the new website and social media activity that promotes this brand.

John Barker –  Poo Corner


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Have a look at Poo Corner’s website design…

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Poo Corner’s Twitter

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