[tds-divider dotted thickness=10]   [tds-columns] [tds-column third] Pump Technology are a main UK distributor for waste, waste water and clean water pumps. Keeping stocks of most major brand names it is imperative for Pump Technology to be found online when engineers, that may be onsite, type into the search engines any one of the brand names or part numbers associated with the 1000’s of pumps that Pump Technology can supply. With this in mind Pay Per Click advertising seemed the natural solution.[/tds-column]

[tds-column third] The campaigns had already been set up previous to JCK involvement but they were not working as hard as they could. JCK worked through the campaign and re-worked the keywords, ad copy and landing pages – resulting in a much improved quality score and consequently lower click costs. The PPC work is ongoing with new landing pages and campaigns created monthly to target new areas of growth. [/tds-column]

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We spend a good deal of money on our Pay Per Click every year so wanted a partner we can trust to get the campaigns working well for us. This is our main online marketing spend so every penny counts. –  Jeremy Brownlee, Pump Technology   [/tds-column] [/tds-columns] [tds-section background=”#eeeeee” textcolor=”#595959″]


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