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About JCK Marketing

Actually you probably just want to know about our digital marketing company team, after all it’s the people that makes the difference!

Jo Stickings

What you need to know: Love is…the biggest Mug Of Coffee

Most people have the same passion as Jo – coffee, especially first thing in the morning we have to kick start her with the biggest mug of coffee we can find. Then she turns into an advertising and marketing monster. Need a one liner or headline for your ad? Jo will have one tucked up her sleeve for you. Struggling with getting your brand or USP? Jo knows just the questions to ask you to get you on the right track.

Get the best out of Jo, find the best coffee you can and keep refilling her mug … actually thinking about it a bottle of red has the same effect!

Karen Chapple

What you need to know: Love is…The Great Outdoors

When Karen’s not wading through SEO results you’ll find her wading through the mud in the countryside. Once we’ve let her walk her dogs first thing in the morning then we know she’s ready for the day. Turn to Karen to get traffic to your website, give you the best SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) advice and get you tweeting with the best of them.

Get the best out of Karen, let her bring her wellie boots to the meeting and walk as you talk outdoors, the fresh air might do you good too!

Steve McFarnon

What you need to know: Love is…Making Music

Steve works to produce the best looking websites for your business. Working out the best layout for your content, styling your online fonts, colours and design to match your branding and doing all the ‘clever stuff’ under the hood. We put him in a very dark room, throw coffee and food at him occasionally, let him put his headset on until he hits just the right note for your website.

Get the best out of Steve, lock him in a room and play very loud music, works a treat!

Kev Stickings

What you need to know: Love is…The Golf Course

Kev ‘Aces’ at branding and design. When he is not working on his backswing or working out the difference between a Birdie and an Albatross, you’ll find him creating just the right image to portray a company, putting the finishing touches to the latest business card or flyer and sorting out new logos and colour schemes that hits a hole in one.

Get the best out of Kev, if you want to get the best idea for your new logo allow Kev to play 18 holes first!

Pamela Bourne

What you need to know: Love is…Retail Therapy

Like many ladies Pamela’s passion is really anything to do with shoes and handbags. She says they are the most important part of a women’s wardrobe and everything else just has to revolve around them. That’s why we give Pamela the most important job of any website, producing and maintaining content, because we know, just like an outfit won’t work without fabulous shoes, a website just doesn’t work without great content.

Get the best out of Pamela, Just bribe her with a shopping trip, to a shoe shop of course!