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A common question… and a most sensible one too. After all what is the point of undertaking marketing activity if you have no idea how effective it is.

Unfortunately JCK Marketing doesn’t have a crystal ball. We can’t tell you in advance what will work and what won’t, although we will of course use our expertise and experience to point you in the right direction.

We’re not in the business to get you to sepnd money on activity that doesn’t work. There’s no point. Our clients stay with us becuase they love our honesty and intergrity. We’re not aligned to any media owner or publisher. The only person that counts in this relationship is YOU.

So how to tell what works?


Understand your numbers…

How can you measure improvement if you don’t know what to improve?

We always make sure we fully explore and understand what you are trying to achieve. Ultimately it’s always about more money, more clients, more sales…. but there is never a ‘one size fits all’ approach and there can often be some ‘quick wins’ to be exploited.


So how do we help?

The devil’s in the detail…

Reporting is key. It takes time, we know, but each month we run a report on the activity we’ve undertaken and show you the results in an easy to follow format that means you can see how hard your marketing £ has been working.

We’ll talk you through these results and use them to inform ongoing strategies to make sure you keep getting noticed!

Not sure how your marketing is performing?

Well it’s time to change that. Sit down with us over a cup of coffee and we’ll help to work out what’s needed.


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