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Micro business can be lonely places… When the business owner is the MD, the Marketing Director, the Finance Director, the Operations Director etc. who can they turn to for support or even just someone to bounce a few ideas around with?

Having permanant members of staff is expensive and often there isn’t enough work for a full-time position, so for Beckenham Chiropractic Wellness Centre the answer was JCK.

Meeting on a fortnightly basis, we work with Beth (the owner) to create and deliver a marketing calendar to help grow patient numbers. Our design team then translates these ideas into promotions to use internally and externally.

But it’s not just marketing, we have helped to recruit additional resources and plan how the new person was managed and appraised. Sometimes we just offer our ear… after all a problem shared is a problem halved..

What did the client want?

Additional resource without employing someone

An outsider's perspective

Attractive designs to grow patient numbers



They have been an invaluable asset to the growth of our business

We have been with JCK Marketing for 1 ½ years. They have been an invaluable asset to the growth of our business. JCK has steered us in the right direction, I would definitely recommend JCK Marketing based on our own success with them and on their collective experience in the marketing business as a team.

–  Dr Elizabeth Williams, Beckenham Chiropractor



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Kevin's approach to marketing always starts with the end in mind. He helps clients work out what they want to achieve and then uses his technical skills and foresight to make sure it happens. Originally from a Financial Services background, Kevin is also passionate about the return on investment so he makes sure his clients understand that having just an online presence is not enough - it's about getting found online. That's why clients looking for the combination of a solid online foundation combined with innovative ideas to drive awareness really do appreciate his input.

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