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Britrisk are health and safety consultants based in Kent who help organisations throughout the UK to comply with their legal Health and Safety duties. With a specialist focus in amenity horticulture, golf and the leisure industry Britrisk required online evidence that they have many years experience and expertise in this particular area where staff and the public are often so close to the ‘field of play’.

JCK are employed on a monthly basis to assist Britrisk with content to back-up their expertise. A variety of blogs, newsletters and ebooks are delivered and anyone that downloads their Golf safety e-book will be left in no doubt that Britrisk really are the go to consultants for the leisure industry.

What the customer wanted?

Online content evidence of expertise

Leads generated online

Someone to play 18 holes with



Quote from Britrisk

We have used JCK Marketing for a number of years now and always turn to them for marketing advice to help us grow our business. Good quality online content can really help with the sales process as prospects start to trust you before you have a conversation, that makes for a much easier conversion!

– Tom Serle Britrisk



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