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Content Marketing Pick and Mix

For all those that attended the Bromley Expo presentation on the content pick and mix (and for those that didn’t) you’ll find all the details below from the presentation plus links to the original blogs posts that inspired the presentation in the first place. We have also added the free downloads for you as well, enjoy!

For our content strategy documents and our content distribution checklist then please click here to download:

Inspiration for the presentation was taken from a selection of these original blog posts that you might like to read.

  1. The importance of images:  http://www.jckmarketing.co.uk/live-visual-world-visuals-stack-up/
  2. Prezi and Powerpoint presentations: http://www.jckmarketing.co.uk/death-powerpoint-not/
  3. Creating a Podcast: http://www.jckmarketing.co.uk/creating-podcasts/
  4. What your audience wants: http://www.jckmarketing.co.uk/stop-creating-aimless-content-4-audience-wants/
  5. Writing your blog:  http://www.jckmarketing.co.uk/writing-blog-posts/
  6. Infographics: http://www.jckmarketing.co.uk/infographics-part-content-marketing-pick-mix/

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Karen has extensive knowledge in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which is the method of ensuring that your website gets found in the search engines for targeted keywords. Karen has also worked in the area of Social Media, and whilst this is a very new area of marketing for every business, Karen has stayed ahead of the game by becoming one of the first to qualify for a Social Media ITQ. It is this expertise that has attracted clients to use Karen for Social Media strategies and ongoing training and support in this area.

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