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Content Marketing is just like being in a sweet shop!

What would you choose? Would it be the humbugs, liquorice or the strawberry bon-bons?… and that’s the problem we’d all probably choose something different.

It’s the same online, everyone now has so much choice – there are so many ways they can consume your information, some might prefer the written word, others want to watch a video, while some might like to hear your news on their smartphone. Your challenge is to get your content in as many different formats as possible so no matter what your audiences’ preferences are, you will have your content in that format.

Of course it also feeds the search engines with up-to-date information about your business sector and provides you with the much needed collateral to share on the social sites.

So do you have a sweet tooth?


Pick ‘N’ Mix it!

Grab a bag and scoop and start choosing

The first thing to choose is what content to produce, can you produce a solution to a problem or a great PR piece. Then re-purpose that piece of content into something else. So you ‘pick it’ and then ‘mix it’.You could write a blog and then create a podcast, turn it into a flipping book or create a presentation or pdf.

So one piece of content, mixed up a few times gives your audience the information they want in the format they prefer.


Let us be your sweet shop

Our shelves are fully stocked

Let us help you put your content marketing together and turn your information into multiple pieces for you to distribute over time.

Or we can do the whole thing for you including helping you with distributing your content through your blog posts, your social media channels, Google Hub sites (even good old fashioned printed material too!).

Make sure you offer the best selection box…

So whether your clients and prospects prefer the humbugs or those strawberry bon-bons, using the right mix of content means you can suit all tastes.


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