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We fancy a blog said Footprint Scenery. Although this sounds simple their existing website was built using Flash which, despite its title, doesn’t allow blog formatting. So  had to start from scratch with a glossy new website. As Footprint Scenery has worked in the theatre, film and TV industry for quite a while – creating sets for, amongst others, Spooks, Doc Martin, Hustle and Lewis made our job easier as we were able to use their stunning photographs to really bring the website to life.

Being a creative company Footprint did spot a few pixel imperfections on their photos; after a few hours scrutinising we spotted them too and erased the offending pixels!
However now they have a site built in WordPress which means that they can quickly add more blog content and images and as a result their business is now going from strength to strength (of course being Google friendly helps too!)


What did the client want?

A Blog Function so they can share their news

A showcase for their amazing photos

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Quote from Danny Lennon

Integer vel dapibus mauris. Vestibulum porttitor, mauris at faucibus condimentum, dolor erat vulputate odio, vitae accumsan augue sapien eget augue. Phasellus est lorem, pulvinar quis diam vel, pharetra varius eros. Proin nec tellus pretium, blandit est vitae, pellentesque lacus.

–  Danny Lennon, Footprint Scenery



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