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We’re often asked about social media analytics and ROI for this activity, and it got me thinking that perhaps some users of the Twitter platform don’t realise that there are some analytics that are available to you through the main Twitter platform. This is probably because it is available under the ads section of Twitter, but if you have a profile (it will take you two seconds to set up) you can get your stats for just normal tweets as well.

This data is straightforward to understand and will help you identify what types of tweets your users engage with so that you can start doing more of them!

So let’s spend a couple of minutes showing you where you can get this data free of charge. First you need to get your profile together, you can start this process here. Set up your profile, by putting in the Country and time, and then chose a promotion. Then click away – you don’t need to complete any more steps. Then tweet as normal, and your stats will start being collected. Then when you click here, you’ll start seeing your data appear. (Unfortunately, you cannot pick up and back data)

There are three main statistics that you can collect straight away.

  1. Impressions This is the number of times you tweet has actually been seen
  2. Engagements This number tells you how many people interacted with your tweet. (open links that kind of thing)
  3. Engagement Rate A simple percentage of engagements from Impressions.

What is nice is the easy way that it is displayed (as seen below). You can easily see at a glance what posts had the most impression count and engagement rate.




Now this data is great for a quick snapshot, but the real value comes when you export the data (top right button) into an excel spreadsheet.

From here, you can see the tweet that was sent, the date and time, and these other metrics

  2. replies
  3. favorites
  4. user profile clicks
  5. URL clicks
  6. hashtag clicks
  7. detail expands
  8. permalink clicks
  9. embedded media clicks

So no only can you see very easily if there is a best time of day to post to your audience, you can also check to see if your hashtags are working and what kind of posts get the most retweets.

This is such useful data that is now given to you for free, spend two minutes setting up a profile on the ads section of your Twitter account and start understanding your analytics and ROI of this marketing platform.




Karen has extensive knowledge in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which is the method of ensuring that your website gets found in the search engines for targeted keywords. Karen has also worked in the area of Social Media, and whilst this is a very new area of marketing for every business, Karen has stayed ahead of the game by becoming one of the first to qualify for a Social Media ITQ. It is this expertise that has attracted clients to use Karen for Social Media strategies and ongoing training and support in this area.

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