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At the start of the week we told you about a Google service that is being retired in a couple of months – today we want to show you a brand new service from Google that has just been launched.

The new Google product is called Google Keep and if you have ever used the product Evernote then you’ll be familiar with the concept.

Basically, as you go about your daily business you’ll see or hear things that you want to remember, quite often you’ll send yourself an email or simply just forget what it is you saw. Well Google Keep will allow you to write down ideas as you go, and even allow you to put in photos as memory joggers. If you are on the run then you can even capture voice and Google Keep will transcribe your message for you.

Each note can have a colour associated to it so that you can group ideas and thoughts together, and of course in this world of connectivity Keep is stored on Google drive so that you can access from all your devices.

Of course at the moment you have to be using an Android device to have complete access while you’re on the move, and you’ll find Keep on Google Play that you can easily download.

Theres a neat video here that explains it perfectly, oh and you can find keep here


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