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Being part of the crowd is not good enough these days, you need to stand out and make sure that you are seen and heard. But just like a set of new clothes not one size fits all. You need to make sure your brand reflects the ‘true you’.
If you’re tall and skinny, then a design that would suit small and round will not show off your best features. If you are curvaceous then an outfit that doesn’t emphasise your curves will simply drown you…

It’s all about understanding who you are first naked before you know what design will suit you and unless you spend a bit of time understanding your body shape you’ll never get it right.

Take time to understand your body shape


Understand your body shape

Think about it for a moment…

Your brand and therefore graphic design are formed on the principles and values of your business and you need to recognise what your values are before you can decide on your branding and associated graphics.

Therefore… if you hand out shabby business cards with a stock logo, will your clients think you will deliver a shabby service?


So what can we do for you?

Make you ‘body concious’

We develop brands to make your potential customers more aware of your company’s products and services helping make purchasing decisions and build loyalty. We don’t want you to have to compete just on price so we make sure that you stand out from the crowd.

We then translate this brand across all the collateral you’ll need, think websites, business cards, emails, flyers… the works!

Make sure you get noticed… and remembered

Be confident that when a prospect or client sees your material online, on an email, on the side of a bus, on the side of your van or in the local or trade press it looks the same.
It looks like you. Let us help.


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