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If you are in business you can’t afford to be like everyone else. Your customers need a good reason to buy from you and not from your competitors.

Your business and brand needs to be different so that your product or service stands out from the competition.

You have to stand out from the crowd

People want well-designed products and services because they look good and customers are prepared to pay more for a company that promotes itself with a quality image.

If your product or service isn’t looking its best, what do you compete on? Price! According to the Design Council, two-thirds of companies who ignore design have to compete mainly on price. In companies where design is integral, just one third do so.

So, it follows – according to research, good design makes the best economic sense.
Good Graphic Design can benefit your business in many ways. It:

  • Increases sales of your products or services
  • Improves market position relative to your competitors
  • Builds greater customer loyalty
  • Builds greater staff loyalty
  • Establishes a stronger identity for your business
  • Reduces the time needed to market new products and services

Equally web design is a complex art and requires specialists. If a graphic designer tells you they also design for the web there is a simple conclusion to draw. They aren’t a web designer.

We believe to deliver the best results possible we need to work closely with you, our clients. By doing this we are able to combine good design principles with what you, and more importantly, your prospective clients, will want to see.

We develop brands to make your potential customer base more aware of your company’s products and services helping make purchasing decisions and build loyalty.
We look after of all aspects of launching new companies or rebranding existing organisations including logo design and stationery design and print.

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Kevin's approach to marketing always starts with the end in mind. He helps clients work out what they want to achieve and then uses his technical skills and foresight to make sure it happens. Originally from a Financial Services background, Kevin is also passionate about the return on investment so he makes sure his clients understand that having just an online presence is not enough - it's about getting found online. That's why clients looking for the combination of a solid online foundation combined with innovative ideas to drive awareness really do appreciate his input.

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