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Make Yourself is a corporate training company specialising in presentation, influencing and negotiation skills, transforming the way their clients presented, negotiated and  communicated. Masters at storytelling Make Yourself wanted a way to demonstrate their skill online to new prospects who hadn’t yet ‘seen them in action’ content marketing enabled that marketing channel.

Content marketing is simply a way of demonstrating your expertise using different media forms, and this is exactly what JCK have helped deliver for Make Yourself. With a variety of blog posts and ebooks and videos in the pipeline, Make Yourself have plenty of evidence online that they ‘walk the walk’

What the customer wanted?

Online evidence of reputation and expertise

Evergreen content that can be repurposed

Someone to share a good story with



Quote from Graham Singleton

We needed a company that really understands our business and how we can best take it to market in the online space. JCK Marketing look after all of our online presence and advise us on what we should be doing to maximise our marketing budget. We have been delighted with the results so far.

–  Graham Singleton, Make Yourself


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Kevin's approach to marketing always starts with the end in mind. He helps clients work out what they want to achieve and then uses his technical skills and foresight to make sure it happens. Originally from a Financial Services background, Kevin is also passionate about the return on investment so he makes sure his clients understand that having just an online presence is not enough - it's about getting found online. That's why clients looking for the combination of a solid online foundation combined with innovative ideas to drive awareness really do appreciate his input.

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