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Take Aim!

We think the first stages of developing a marketing strategy is a little bit like archery… to be good at archery you have to aim at your target and fire, and to ensure you get results from your marketing efforts you have to take aim at your target before you fire your arrows!

After all, if you were having a go at archery and someone decided to run around the field with the target, how easy do you think it would be to hit a bull’s-eye?

It’s the same with your marketing efforts… if you don’t know who your target (market) is then how do you expect to hit a bull’s-eye? So often the first stage in developing a strategic marketing plan is to really understand who your customers are. Much as this sounds simple and logical, it’s quite often the stage that is most people find challenging, and if this isn’t thought through carefully you can find expensive mistakes are made.

Time to hit the bullseye…



Steady on…not quite yet!

Once you know the ‘who’ we need to work out the whats, whys and hows and when stages.

What do your customers really want to buy? Why would they buy from you? What makes you different or better? How you can you present your offer? How do they like to buy? How much are they prepared to pay for it? How do you go about presenting your offer? When is the best time to ‘talk’ to them? And of course.. How do you make sure they find you!


So some target practice then

In a word – yes.

And like any great coach, we work with our clients to answer all of these questions and develop a plan of activity that means your budget is spent wisely.

After all if you’re going to spend money on buying all of those bows and arrows you’re going to want to make sure you win a few competitions. And to make sure you know if you’re winning, you’ll be keeping a note of your scores, working out which techniques deliver the best results, and making small adjustments on a continual basis to really hone your skill.

So what can we do to help you?

We want to make sure you get a return on your marketing budget in much the same way – by keeping track of what works (and perhaps what doesn’t), by making small adjustments to refine your campaigns, and ultimately by ensuring you get enough leads so that you can convert initial interest into winning some business!


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