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Would you go for a picnic without a packed lunch?

…and that’s just like your mobile website design. Just like a lunch box that’s portable, people expect everything else in life to be portable too. These days its easy for us not only to consume our lunch on the go, but news, information, travel updates and everything else that is important in our world.

So it’s time to get portable!


That goes for your website too

Yes, it really does

Individuals now want to choose which device they use to obtain information, quite frequently in this world it’s a pad or mobile phone. So you really need to make sure your website fits nicely on these devices. It’s especially true if you have visitors to your premises, as they are on their way they might want to get directions to you, if they can’t easily display your website on a small screen format then it just makes it difficult for them.


Different stokes for different folks

Back to the lunchbox…

You wouldn’t pack a full 3 course roast dinner in, that just doesn’t make sense… what you might do is scale it back to what is easily portable and necessary, a roast beef sandwich for example… the same applies to websites, for some companies a simple 3 page will suffice, where others will require a more complex affair.

Choose the right ingredients

The key is understanding what your clients need from your website when they are on the move, are they really going to need the history of your company or just your contact details? Choose the right ingredients for your mobile website, and your visitors will get all the right information they need.


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