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Whats Here Function in Google

Whats Here Function in Google

Google have another new feature on Google Maps that adds to the usability of the service, if you right click on the map at the point you are at it, it will show ‘whats here’ this is sometimes a lot more helpful to you if you’re searching. Google will present you with the most relevant result representing that location, whether it’s a specific address, a natural entity, or a place name. It will also, where possible, marry up photos of the area to give you a real look and feel of the area and on the right hand side it will list the ‘at this address’ feature

If you’re a little bit more ‘zoomed out’ you won’t get quite the granular detail but you’ll still be able to see larger features. Just another example of how ‘going local’ is really good for you business and why you have to get yourself listed on Google Maps


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