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JCK Marketing + You = A WINNING TEAM!

Most business start because of an idea… you know what to do, you  know how to do it and you know you can do it better than other people doing the same thing.
So off you go – you start a business, you get some customers, you sell your widgets and all is well.

Then you get busier so you take on some staff – and now the pressure’s on. You have mouths to feed, wages to pay and so you need more and more clients to keep knocking at your door. But you’re soooo busy… making those widgets, managing your team, keeping your clients (and your bank manager) happy, the list goes on.

Sound familiar?


So you have an idea

But will it work?

“I can delegate marketing to one of the the team! That’ll keep the phones ringing.” But will it? Is marketing their skill? Is marketing the reason you took them on? There’s lots to know and understand (just take a peek at our planning and strategy page to give you an idea). Hmmm perhaps not. So what now? Is it time to take on a marketing expert – someone with the skills and knowledge to help you grow the business. It’s a thought but it can cost a lot.


It’s a bit like football


You have a team of players with specialist skills. Your centre forwards score goals (these are your sales team) but to get a goal you need your midfielders to control the game for you – to provide the opportunities to score (yes the marketer…) and then there’s the defender (your customer service team), looking after the clients and making sure the opposition doesn’t run off with the ball. And lastly the goal keeper (that’s quite often the business owner who can step in right at the moment when it counts the most.

But who decides the roles and positions? Who works out who has the key skills to be in the right place? Who keeps the motivation levels high and pushes for more and more results. Yes it’s the Manager. Someone that doesn’t get on the pitch, but sits on the sidelines during the game to oversee, to advise, to direct… and ultimately to make sure you win.

Think of JCK as The Manager

As an outsourced partner we become an integral part of your team. We don’t work in your office everyday, but we are always at the end of the phone. We meet regularly, we provide the tools that you’ll need and the advise to keep your marketing activity on track. We won’t cost any near what you’d have to pay a Marketing Manager to do a similar job and when we’ve achieved the goal you can sideline us until you next need our help.


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