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You can’t catch a fish without being near water!

So if you’re not at the right place at the right time you’ll never catch that fish. You have to be on the edge of the water, with your rod poised with the correct bait, to even stand a chance of hooking that prize fish as it swims past.

It’s the same online, think of the fish as a keyword phrase that describes your business. When someone types that into Google, you have to have your rod in the water to pull the prospect onto your website. Search Engine Optimisation is one way of achieving this (SEO is the long haul, and doesn’t give you overnight success) Pay Per Click (or PPC) is the overnight option.

So its simply a way for your website to appear, in the right place at the right time when a relevant keyword is typed into the search engine.



It sounds easy!

In theory… yes

You chose your budget and your keywords slam it into the PPC tool and away you go. But…How do you know?

  • What you should be bidding?
  • What is a quality score and why should it matter?
  • And why oh why when I want to appear for the term ‘meeting room’ do I spend my money on ‘teachers classroom’!!

All these things are important factors, and you could end up spending a fortune on collecting wellington boots and not the prize fish you wanted.


That’s where we come in

Because we get this stuff

We are a pay per click management agency and look after our clients advertising on their behalf. We are a Google Adwords partner, so you can trust us to make it work for you.

Whilst any novice can put a makeshift fishing rod together, or catch a few minows in a jamjar, it takes an expert to understand what size rod is required, what bait to put on it and then how to land the fish.

Well we are the PPC fishing experts, leave it to us to get the ultimate prize!

Fancy a fishing trip?

Get on-board and let us help you land the catch of the day…


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