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Build a website and they will come

…… well no, they won’t actually.

It’s not like a shop front on a high street, where you have passing traffic that will enter in if you tempt them….. a website is more like a tree in a forest. It might be full of ‘the right stuff’ but unless you put great big signposts up for people to follow its actually not very helpful, your passing traffic might still be one hundred miles away. The undergrowth will cover everything before anyone finds you.

So let’s clear the undergrowth!


Step one is getting found

Give people some directions

So, the answer is to start putting up signposts to give people directions to your website.
But think about it, back to the forest, if you just put one signpost up how realistic is it that your customers find you?

Not Very

What about if you put one hundred signposts up, every mile…
will they stumble across you?


OK, OK.. a signpost every 10 metres, will they find you now?



And that’s what we do for you

But they come in all shapes and sizes

We put up as many signposts as is necessary so you have the best chance of getting more traffic, just like a shop on the high street.

Some of those signposts are on your own website, some of them are as a result of your website’s performance, some of them are created throughout the web, and many are now connected to your content marketing.

Get it wrong and you can do more harm than good. And failing to keep on top of algorithym changes could see your website disappear faster than you can say ‘seo’!

Let us help you see the wood from the trees

As you’d expect it’s our business to know which signs to put in which places, so that you don’t have to know.


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