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Get yourself the best online reputation you can

Most of your life you have been establishing relationships, chewing the cud with your mates down the pub, leaning over the garden fence sharing the latest news with your neighbour, chatting on the phone with your mates for hours. Well social media is simply an extension of that, being social but using applications on the internet as your media instead of your voice.

Time to find your voice!


It can all go horribly wrong

And no-one wants that!

The London Twenty Twelve Olympics was branded as the first “Socialympics” where the athletes not only had to perform on the track, but also through their Twitter accounts and other social interfaces. The ones that achieved it well soon became sporting idols and increased their fan base. The ones that got it so wrong (and we won’t name names!!) were literally kicked off their Olympic teams, not because they didn’t hold the correct sporting talent but through an ill judged comment on Twitter or Facebook.


Apply that to your business

Or the same thing could happen

People are probably already talking about you online, do you know what they are saying? If you are performing well on Social Media (and we’ll have to assume you have the correct Olympic sized business talent to perform equally as well in your other business tasks!!) then you will become the expert and idol in your world. Your fanbase will grow and so will your business profits.

Get it wrong however, your reputation will be tarnished and you will be thrown out of the proverbial ‘Olympic Park’!

Remember social media is a marathon, not the 100m sprint

Whilst the fastest man in the world will keep you enthralled for all of 9.58 seconds actually what is required on social media is consistency for the long haul, it you haven’t got the strength or stamina to manage your social media presence day in day out then our advice is not to bother. Consistency and regular updates matter.

Leave it to the experts

Very much like the Olympic athletes, whilst every communication needs to be in ‘your voice’ actually you should concentrate on your ‘talent’ and leave the social media management to the experts. Of course you need to stay involved but a lot of the grunt work can be taken away. From setting up the correct strategy for your business the right platforms for the strategy to distributing the relevant content we can help you get the gold medal.


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