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There’s a great platform that you might like to use as part of your online presence and that is the platform called Storify. You can easily create stories using snippets that you find and collate from social media and turn what people post into compelling stories.

By using this platform the stories you produce will pull together the best ideas and items on the social web and produce them on a platform that is interactive and can change and grow as new items or thoughts are produced.

The easiest way to get started is to use your own material to plant the seed, this could be a tweet, a video or picture, alternatively you can use the platform itself to get started, you can use the search function to find the best stories already and re-use any of them as part of your collection.

Once you have pulled together the best bits, you can then add to the collection by adding your own thoughts and a narrative – give your context to your readers and whats important of course is that you can embed the story into your website, or anywhere on the web.

The vision of Storify is to change the way news is posted and presented to the World, and as each and everyone of us now has the ability to be a reported, we can use this platform to amplify messages and curate the most important ones for our audience.

Its quite a neat platform and easy to use you can start creating your story here or take a look at one already created (see below!) – the Ted talk is worth a listen if you have 20 minutes to spare!



Karen has extensive knowledge in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which is the method of ensuring that your website gets found in the search engines for targeted keywords. Karen has also worked in the area of Social Media, and whilst this is a very new area of marketing for every business, Karen has stayed ahead of the game by becoming one of the first to qualify for a Social Media ITQ. It is this expertise that has attracted clients to use Karen for Social Media strategies and ongoing training and support in this area.

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