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The Tree Hotel have two establishments in Iffley, Oxfordshire and Cadmore End, Buckinghamshire, They combine modern pub dining with the comforts of a traditional English country hotel. With specialist European and Indian head chefs, the charming pub restaurant champions wonderful food from around the world using the freshest ingredients, with excellent service and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Couple this with ensuite bedrooms and you have a recipe for success. The Tree Hotel need an effective way to stay in touch with their returning clientelle, so required email marketing as part of the mix.

On a monthly basis JCK produce and deliver The Tree Hotels email marketing campaign ensuring that customers are kept up-to-date with the latest news offers and events that are running in the local area. The newsletter is then posted online so that it can be linked to from The Tree social media accounts and website. The email that is sent out is also in a suitable format for mobile users so people on the move can still be kept up-to-date.

What the customer wanted

Customer retention marketing

Email Marketing that can be shared online

Someone to share a tiffin with



Quote from Tree Hotel

With running two busy hotels and restaurants I simply haven’t got the bandwidth to complete my email marketing myself which is one of our main channels of communication to our growing client base. I rely on JCK Marketing to complete this monthly activity for me and they’ve never let me down

–  Kavita Pal, Tree Hotel



Email Design
Email examples for the Tree Hotel

Kevin's approach to marketing always starts with the end in mind. He helps clients work out what they want to achieve and then uses his technical skills and foresight to make sure it happens. Originally from a Financial Services background, Kevin is also passionate about the return on investment so he makes sure his clients understand that having just an online presence is not enough - it's about getting found online. That's why clients looking for the combination of a solid online foundation combined with innovative ideas to drive awareness really do appreciate his input.

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