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Turks Launches is a 300 year old river boat company that cruises along one of the most scenic stretches of the Thames in South West London. From April to September up to 45 scheduled Thames boat trips run daily between Richmond, Kingston and Hampton Court and Turks required a website that allowed these trips and other announcements to be easily updated and shared through Social Media Channels. The website also needed to be responsive for those visitors that are already on the move when searching for things to do.

JCK provided a content managed website that allows Turks to easily maintain and update their own website. The website is responsive and so delivers the correct format to both tablet and mobile devices. Easy to navigate and find the information required the website is now converting traffic to revenue.

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We wanted an up-to-date responsive website that enabled easy integration into our social media channels, whilst providing a clean design and easy navigation. JCK delivered on this specification and we are delighted with the result.

–  Jacqui Newman, Turks



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