This weekend whilst listening to my Spotify account, I downloaded an app (been meaning to do it for ages!!) onto my iPad called Flipboard and during the configuration of this content curation tool I stumbled across the LinkedIn update about the unveiling of the LinkedIn Recruiter Mobile.

This week also saw Foursquare opening up Ads and Pinterest has updated the look and feel of its mobile app…. we really are moving into the World of anytime, anyplace, anywhere

How the World has changed since that infamous Cinzano Bianco advert that aired in the 1980’s, so much so that I want to share with you what happened yesterday afternoon in a fairly ‘typical’ few hours in the Chapple household.

I was sat, as previously stated, in my lounge enjoying my own personally chosen music streaming to me from my mobile device, installing a news app that will deliver my own personally chosen news, stuff that I care about. My husband who had been called out that morning (he is a pest controller) was finishing his work for the day by completing a visit report for the call out on his ipad that got emailed directly to the client. One of our daughters then came running in, she was going to a concert in Wales and so was on her mobile trying to find directions to the Cardiff venue and more importantly a car park close by.

None of us were engaging in the content that would have been the only available consumable in the ’80s – radio / newspaper / paper form / paper map…. all of us have adopted the mobile version of this information, and in some cases the information is so hugely personal that no two people will have the same. We all now have such a choice of how we get information delivered to us and typically it needs to be able to get to us where ever we are because that’s what we demand.

Larger brands have already adopted this new technology, LinkedIn has made it easier for recruiters to stay in touch with you on the move, Foursquare now provide you with the ability to advertise when someone ‘checks in’ – real time really personal information at the time you will use it.

How can your business take advantage of marketing to a mobile audience? – it really is time to put mobile on your marketing map to create your brand into one that can be¬†Any Time, Any Place, Any Where…..