Okay so here it is, me facing a real block, writing a blog, I promised to have one written before the end of the year but I have to really go outside my own comfort zone to get it done.  Having read many, many blogs in my time I still fear putting ‘pen to paper’ and making a start.   What will I write about, why would anyone want to read it, will it be good enough?  Well, I guess it’s time to get on with it and find out, come along for the ride with me….

I’ve spent a lot of time on Twitter.  That time is constrained by a limit I try to abide by but sometimes it takes longer because I can’t think what to tweet about.  So here are my 5 things to tweet to make your song be heard:

  1. Sing to your audience.  Have a clear understanding of what it is you’re trying to achieve.  Maybe it’s getting your followers to read your blog post, getting them to book a ticket, getting them to engage (comment or share) or growing your audience.  Whatever it is, try to tweet like you’re talking with friends.  If you also add a relevant hashtag your song will be heard far afield.
  2. Cover someone else’s work.  Dip into your Home Feed and find something you like and you think will resonate with your audience, then simply retweet it.   It’s just a way of saying that you like what’s been said and the originator will probably appreciate that you’ve shared their work.
  3. Smile for the birdie.  Well, what I mean by this is include something visual.  Most of us have mobile phones with cameras with internet access so just snap a photo and post a tweet.  It might be of your office, the view from the window or your morning coffee.  If it’s light-hearted and gives your followers an inside view of your day they’ll love it.  If you’re not snap happy then tweet an infographic or video that may have grabbed your attention and will interest your audience.
  4. Get down with the hood.  Often the majority of your audience is local to your business so use this common interest.  Simply tweet something local or retweet a local business/news item.  Find out what’s going on in your community in the coming month, comment on the weather, retweet local news broadcasts or even report a traffic issue that’s’ affecting loads of people in your local area.  If you slap on a local hashtag (i.e. #Bromley), you’ll be casting your net out there and maybe you’ll attract more followers by doing so.
  5. Be Top of the Pops. So this is where trending hashtags come into play.  Check out what’s Trending on Twitter (the Trends section on your Twitter home page) and if you see something which resonates with what you do hop on the band wagon and have your say.

I’d love to hear what your Tweet anti-blockers are so please feel free to add your items to the list above.  Maybe we can make it 10 Things to Tweet to Make Your Song be Heard? That would be brilliant collaboration!

I wonder will this be my one and only blog post…let me know if I should write again!!