Typography is one of the most important elements of your company design, from logos and taglines to body font, they are all important.

There are some designers and, let’s be honest, probably even more developers who don’t really see or treat typography as an important component of the overall presentation or expression of your brand. Maybe they don’t even see the connection between strong, appropriate typography and the bottom line, which is somewhat understandable since that can be hard to quantify. But lets show you how a brand really got it wrong…

Designers should try different fonts in their initial concept, usually a “primary” for headlines and secondary for body copy (although I’m all for using a single typeface for the brand; it certainly looks clean and clear).

To begin with most online graphic designers relied on standard Web fonts like Arial and Verdana. But with some exciting changes in technology,  there are more options than ever before when they’re choosing fonts for their Web sites and online communications. New online resources such as Google Web Fonts, and @Font-Face have changed Web design by offering hundreds of great fonts that render correctly on any Web browser.

But please remember that your font travels with you offline and online, on packaging, datasheets and the like… here is an example of one that went very wrong. We’re sorry if it offends but can you imagine the shock of the company owner after seeing his product displayed on a shelf. A different typeface here would have helped dramatically and not been so offensive, but with the typeface completely uppercase you can see the result below




A company’s brand is the unique personality that people identify with a product or service. Just as we want to present and express ourselves as polished, unique, attractive and competent individuals, it’s just as important to take as much care in defining and differentiating a client’s brand through typography, you have been warned!