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Although located in the Town Centre, Ferraris is a little tucked away and therefore doesn’t benefit from large numbers of passing trade. However their product is great – delicious, authentic Italian food cooked by an Italian chef. So when customers visit they are rarely disappointed and most customers are keen to sign up to the newsletter and special offers database.


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To ease the process of keeping the database fresh, Ferraris quickly recognised the benefits of using JCK’s email marketing system. Not only can it be used to send regular updates quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries can also be stored so that personalised emails with special offers relevant to that specific person at that moment in their life can also be automated.


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Integer vel dapibus mauris. Vestibulum porttitor, mauris at faucibus condimentum, dolor erat vulputate odio, vitae accumsan augue sapien eget augue. Phasellus est lorem, pulvinar quis diam vel, pharetra varius eros. Proin nec tellus pretium, blandit est vitae, pellentesque lacus.

–  Mark Elphicke, Ferraris Restaurant


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Email examples for Ferraris

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