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Already established as a serviced office, the owners knew this stunning period mansion would also be in high demand as a wedding venue… but needed some help to re-focus their marketing efforts to attract this new target audience. Of course it was imperative to keep their core business offer in front of prospective clients too.

The team are a busy bunch of people so they ask us to deal with all things ‘marketing’ including sifting out the worthwhile opportunities from the money wasters…


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One of the keys to our successful relationship (and why four years later we are still very much part of the team) is our monthly strategic meetings. It gives us the opportunity to review what has happened in over the last month and agree a plan for the month ahead. Plus they do a great plate of sandwiches to keep us sustained.


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We’ve been working with JCK for about 4 years now. We use them to act as our marketing directors and undertake all aspects of our marketing strategy. JCK has provided a very professional and personal service.

–  Andrew Tillbrook, Robert Denholm House


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