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Systech Illinois is a global manufacturer of moisture, gas and oxygen analyzers. With sales and support facilities worldwide and 30 years as one of the leading gas analysis experts, they required a partner that could provide Pay Per Click knowledge for the Worldwide sales geography that is targeted.


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JCK provide a monthly service to Systech illinois and we manage and monitor the Pay Per Click activity in each of the sales areas. Working with the statistics on a monthly basis we can control the budget and increase or decrease spend in certain areas depending on sales promotions and other marketing activities.


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[tds-quotesymbol symbol4]Quote from Systech Illinois

I haven’t got the time to dedicate to running a pay-per-click campaign on a daily basis as I look after all the marketing for every other channel. It’s great to know we have a partner in JCK that we can trust to do the job for us.

Beth Faulkner –  Systech Illinois


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