[tds-divider dotted thickness=10]   [tds-columns] [tds-column third] Pump Technology are a main UK distributor for waste, waste water and clean water pumps. They are very active in marketing their business but have no in-house marketing team that can complete the activity required to keep their brand at the forefront of peoples minds. Whilst full of ideas they needed a company that could deliver the service to realise the marketing strategy[/tds-column]

[tds-column third]JCK deliver a complete marketing service to Pump Technology including PPC, social media, website creation, content creation, as well as delivering unique advertising solutions for Madjeski stadium, the home of the much loved London Irish rugby team that benefit greatly from the sponsorship that Pump Technology provide.  [/tds-column]

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[tds-quotesymbol symbol4]Quote from Pump Technology

When you are outsourcing your marketing to a 3rd party you have to have very clear lines of communication and trust. We get that with JCK Marketing and have not looked back since we employed their services. –  Jeremy Brownlee, Pump Technology   [/tds-column] [/tds-columns] [tds-section background=”#eeeeee” textcolor=”#595959″]


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Take a look at Pump Technology’s website

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