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As with quite a few of our clients, our first job with Cameo Event Hire was to rebuild their website, making it more user and SEO friendly (oh and we did a logo redesign too). However having a website doesn’t mean that people will find it. Websites need to be marketed, people need to know they exist and then, in an ideal world, tell their friends that this website exists too.

So why would you share a website? Well you’ll do it if there is something worthwhile to share. Welcome to the world of content marketing!


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In this instance we started with an e-book or two which give really useful tips on planning a large event.. such as how to hire the perfect marquee, what equipment you might need to consider etc. This exercise was quite a mammoth task, but the end result means that we have literally oodles of content available to share via blog posts and the social media networks.

(Did we mention we do their social media marketing too!)


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We have been using JCK since January 2013, they came highly recommended and it was instantly clear that they were head and shoulders above the rest. We soon discovered they were able to provide a great deal more than just web design. We are now the proud owners of a fantastic new logo, website and a much sharper external image. I can highly recommend JCK marketing.

– Daniel Pike, Cameo Event Hire


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