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In a competitive environment, getting found online is key to maintaining a steady flow of enquiries. When JCK first began working with Connexions Cuisine the incumbent website looked ‘pretty’ but was built in frames so had no SEO value. A complete rebuild onto a platform that was ‘SEO friendly’ was therefore a necessity. Connexions Cuisine has multiple service offerings; delivered lunches for businesses, private dinner parties, weddings, corporate events and funeral catering are all important income streams for the business so getting found when people searched for a local caterer was, and still is, a high priority.


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Getting the website foundations right is of course an important factor, but in the ever changing algorithm world this element is just part of the solution. The right content is also key. This content needs to be liked and shared by real people, with a real interest in what you have to say. As such work is ongoing – creating and distributing high quality and relevant content is a continuous process. If it stops, then search results will suffer. And as with Connexions Cuisine this needs to be a partnership approach, afterall who is better placed to create content than the clients? Sometimes you just need a helping hand to make sure it happens.


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[tds-quotesymbol symbol4]The level of support that JCK provides is excellent

We have used JCK Marketing for all our marketing needs for the past five years. Originally we appointed JCK to provide us with a business coaching service. We no use them for all our website design and changes, SEO, branding, email marketing and business planning. The level of support that JCK provides is excellent, the team respond quickly to our needs and our very supportive on a day to day basis.

– Michele Jones, Connexions Cuisine


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