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For those of you that know me well will know that I am taking part in the new ITQ Qualification for Social Media, assessed by the lovely Mary Thomas (follow her here, and find out more about the ITQ Social Media Qualification) one of the tasks that we undertake is to create a poll.

Now whilst this may sound like a bit of fun, actually Twtpoll.com is a very powerful FREE application that you can use in your business. Its basically a tool you can use to get some quick feedback. It could be a complete survey on a service or product… you can’t get better research. Or perhaps you want to create a really powerful headline but can’t quite decide on the wording. You simply create a poll, tweet it to your followers and watch the results come back in. Fabulous.

Now onto my first twtpoll, please look at the pictures above (or you can link to them on twitpic link is below) and tell me what Twitter picture I should use, you’ll need to enter your vote below…..I can’t quite decide 😉


Kevin's approach to marketing always starts with the end in mind. He helps clients work out what they want to achieve and then uses his technical skills and foresight to make sure it happens. Originally from a Financial Services background, Kevin is also passionate about the return on investment so he makes sure his clients understand that having just an online presence is not enough - it's about getting found online. That's why clients looking for the combination of a solid online foundation combined with innovative ideas to drive awareness really do appreciate his input.

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