Just to let you know about a recent problem with a domain registrar and how it was resolved.

This story will only relates to .co.uk domain names.

Some time ago one of our customers added their domain to a site built using our platform and therefore changed their nameservers with the domain registrar. For some reason the registrar decided to suspend the customers account, even though they still had a live domain name with them! Anyway, the customer did not really pay much attention to this as everything appeared to work.

Last week they decided to have a new website, using our new website builder platform, and therefore needed to change their nameservers. However, as the account had been suspended, they were refused access – remember they never asked to suspend the account.

After many calls they were asked to open a new account – and charged for it! The domain registrar still refused to assist and even when we contacted them, all they said was to look at the FAQs. In the end we found how to do the changes, and guess what, to make the changes – they wanted more money!

Several more calls were made – now about day 4 for the customer. Then to make matters worse the domain registration company decided to remove all nameserver records and remove all records of the suspended account!

When the client said they wished to change registrar – they were told (in a not too friendly manner) that they would have to pay in order to move the domain.

In the meantime, we contacted Nominet. They were very helpful and said all the client had to do was contact them and answer some security questions and they would move the domain to a new registrar- in this case ENOM.

Nominet sent the client a link to the Nominet site. We did an online conference, using Go To Meeting (an excellent package – highly recommended). The client filled in some simple questions and paid £10.00 by credit card. After a few minutes, we checked and the domain – it had been moved to ENOM. One quick call and the nameservers were changed. Within a few minutes we were able to attach the domain to the website.

So if you or someone you know is having an issue with a less than helpful domain registrar – please get them to contact Nominet for advice – www.nominet.org.uk

As mentioned this is for UK domains only.