Newbury-based Karen Chapple of internet marketing specialists, JCK, has helped another delighted client grow their business via their website, using techniques to ensure the site was not only found, but listed highly, by major search engines such as Google.

Why Not? Jewellery had had a website for 2 years but it had taken that time to realise that search engine optimisation was extremely important to the success of selling their jewellery online. Donna Byatt of Why Not? Jewellery takes up the story: “Being a jeweller and having a website that not only told people who I was and what I am doing is extremely important, the site also has to sell my jewellery. Unfortunately the site was not getting many visitors and all the big search engine companies didn’t even list it, despite many changes and much hard work between my husband, myself and my web designer. My website had been live for just over two years before I decided to take the plunge and use Curve Solutions services to push the website forwards on Google and other search engines using search engine optimisation – one of JCK’s expert fields. The whole search engine and website growth has always baffled me, hence the reason it took me a couple of years before deciding it was necessary to do this in order to grow my business.’

Donna continues: “In the first instance I met with Karen Chapple who explained to me the strategy she felt would work for me and my business; Karen really got to know my business, my customers, and customers I would like. She then began working through all the wording within my website, keeping me updated throughout the process so I knew what she was doing. I met Karen again and she was able to talk me through a very comprehensive document she had created for my website, the changes she felt would not only enhance my site but would also drive more traffic it. Once I decided to go ahead with the process, I didn’t have to do anything. Karen was able to work through my site making the various changes she felt were required.”

Donna adds: Two weeks after the changes had been made I had an email from a company called Superpoke, an international company based in Las Vegas. They were having a celebrity game in Las Vegas, it was a huge campaign for them and they found my company and asked me to design and create the jewellery for this celebrity game. When I asked them how they found me they said that they typed in the very words Karen said people were looking for online and I came out at the top of Google! Thanks to Karen’s work my website is now recognized in the US, which is amazing!”

JCK uses its business and marketing expertise to help clients understand what their internet marketing investment can do for their organisation and delivers solutions to achieve it. JCK is rapidly expanding in the UK bringing a fresh approach and a portfolio of products and services to help businesses large and small run more efficiently. JCK is currently looking for more energetic and motivated people to join the team to help Karen and her colleagues service the massive demand that exists with the 4.8 million businesses in the UK.