The secret is in understanding how to apply it correctly to your business, and so many people get this wrong. What a lot of people don’t realise is that you can use film to convert a lot more of your prospects into paying clients it’s that simple!

Today, prospects expect to find your message delivered in multiple ways – film, audio, Google maps, an organic listing, Pay per click listing, in fact, a real ‘blended search’ if you’re not doing it you’re missing a trick and potential new customers.

  • You can get more people to understand why they should choose to work with you rather than your competitors
  • You can use it to reach a much higher proportion of your target market
  • You can be found on Google with it
  • And you can create massive awareness about what you do

I want to share with you just three areas where video can help you:

Get in front of more people

We all know about the explosion in broadband, uptoDVD, TV on demand and Youtube on the web, it’s everywhere – but what does that mean for your business?

Well let me give you some real time statistics:

  • If you send out a DVD in the post, this can be up to one hundred (yes 100) more times more effective than a brochure
  • If you get your video onto the web, shared areas (like Youtube) literally opens up a worldwide market (some videos get millions of hits a week!)

and of course, you only have to produce the video once and then you can use it forever, so actually it’s a really cost-effective vehicle for your sales promotions. Well this is a really exciting opportunity as we also have the technology to embed video into e-brochures and also PDF’s,

This year if you’d like to get in front of more people in your target market, then film can definitely help you with this. A short targeted video can talk directly to your target clients, getting over exactly the key information that you want. Companies that are using these technologies are massively increasing their visibility within their target market.

Educate your market

If you want to grown your company you’ll know how important it is to educate your market so that you help them too.
Most companies are very good at what they do, and many companies are very different from their competition, but explaining how and why is always a challenge.

So what can you do?

Well, try using film and video to educate people, using film to make it easy for your target market to see exactly why it is that they should chose you. Words and picture on a website or in a brochure are good, but when it comes to really getting your message across film goes one step further.

How to close more business.

As you know half the battle in sales is making your prospect believe that you are the partner for them, they are probably thinking

  • How do I know you’ve done it before
  • How can you help me
  • Why should I use you over anyone else

Well imagine how much more powerful it would be if your customers said it for you with a film of testimonials, your prospect will know that you’re great and you can really help them. Think how innovative you could be if you had to create a proposal and you could embed a video in it… do you think you’d stand out head and shoulders above your competition, I think so!!

A mini documentary about your business, which provides very compelling and credible evidence, why wouldn’t you do that?

Remember whether you want to convert more prospects into paying clients, educate more people or reach a much wider target audience – or all of the above – then film and video can definitely help you.