Press Releases are one of those items that you never quite get round to completing, although most organisations probably have something news worthy that they can speak about on a weekly basis. Most journalists use search engines daily to check for updates on key topics, and a majority of those have RSS feeds that send them messages when certain  keywords have been used.  So bottom line is, if you’re not search engine optimising and posting your news online frequently you’re missing a huge trick to get in front of journalists that are interested in what your company is achieving.

Why is posting frequent Press Releases good news?

  1. Get your keywords right and you could benefit from front page in the search engines (really quickly too within 24 hours normally)
  2. As a result traffic to your website will increase
  3. This is a valuable part of your inbound link strategy
  4. Trigger RSS feeds to journalists – they’ll be calling you!
  5. Cost – this is a very low cost way of getting your message and brand in the hands of the media
  6. You can reach your target audience directly, no-one will filter out your message

Then if you ‘tag’ your press releases using Social Media Tags, this will encourage distribution via the bookmarking sites giving you even more exposure, very soon your message will have elevated from just the news channels into the main stream search engine results, and thats where they will stay forever!

Obviously the main content of the Press Release must still follow the old rules, the headline must be snappy, the first paragraph must include the who, what, where, when, why and how messages… but most importantly they must be SEO’d for those eagle eyed search engines and journalists who are both crying out for great content and topical news.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to make your news a page 1 headline, your business deserves it!