We all know that ‘content is king’ when it comes to being found on Google and other search engines, the better your content and the more of it you can produce will be advantageous in an SEO war. However one area that is often overlooked by business is that actually ‘content is king’ for visitors of your website too.

What do we mean?

Well, statistically it is proven that longer text works better than short text for converting sales, so why do most companies assume that visitors will at best skim read their website text and pick up the phone for more info. Well in these days where the user is in control of ‘how they are marketed to’ then actually to have content rich information on your website should be a priority, because a well written piece will have prospects taking just the action that you want them too.

So what does a well-written piece look like?

In our experience a good piece of copywriting will give your prospect all the information they require without being sold to, so think of it as a way of interacting with a potential client with out being pushy. Successful content will deliver consistent information to your target market to educate them on your products, services and benefits of doing business with you over and above your competitors.

However you also need to take into consideration that different personalities will require different parts of the puzzle to make their research complete, some visitors will need to know ‘how’ your products work, so technical fact sheets or white papers should be made available. Others will want to know that ‘you’ve done it before’ so case studies could take care of that angle. Remember different people have different buying criteria, and your job is to identify all of them and persuade them that you are the best at solving their situation.

What else is involved in making your words work?

Well when writing content do bear these things in mind

  1. Have you clearly identified your target market? – your visitor should read the first part of your content and think ‘yes that’s me, that’s the problem that I face.’
  2. You then need to grab their attention and create a desire, using emotional words can be useful here (imagine is always a good one!)
  3. Informative, relevant content that picks up on all personality types should also be included
  4. Does your content give the Eureka moment?
  5. Is there a clearly defined action, tell them what you want them to do.

You can use this approach in all areas of your marketing, not just in the online world. It will leave a long lasting impression.
Most companies need help when it comes to professionally copywriting if your website needs a revamp then get in touch with JCK Now. After all, we’re here to make sure your ‘phones ring!