As you already know, Google has completed its deal with twitter to receive a real time feed into their search results, they are now taking it one step further with Google Social Search. (at least its in the experimental phase)

What is that I hear you cry?
Well basically Google are trying to take your search to a new level by personalising the results that are presented back to you….. and they’ll do that by adding search results from people you are already linked to in your social circles with the normal main results page.

So you get results from the entire world, but more specifically from people Google thinks you already know.

How does Google know who you know?
Well its quite simple really, from sites listed in your profile, feeds you are currently following, Twitter, youtube, the list is endless, so the complexity of your results will be dependant on what Google knows about you… also who is in the immediate social circle of your followers.

Want to know more then watch and listen to Maurren Heymans technical lead at Google

So lets roll this through a timeline to try and give you an idea of what might happen in the future if this is rolled out in the real world. The more people following you in all your social networks and other social sites you have got the more likely your website and content is going to be published in their results page, the reverse is also true, no social networks or followers then your web pages won’t be listed.

Whether or not this is going to roll out, or how big the impact will be in the search results only Google knows especially as you will have to be logged into your Google account for this to take effect,  but all we can suggest is if you haven’t embraced all things social then the time to do it is now, really right now… it takes time and energy to get connected and linked to people and you really don’t want to lose out.

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