We already talked about the value of putting video onto your website to convert your visitors, but it can also help with search engine optimisation especially if you use YouTube to upload your video too.

There are a few simple steps you can take to maximise the traffic your video will send to your website; these are detailed below:

  1. Make sure that you include your priority keywords in the title and description of the video clip, and, very much like a blog post, chose keyword rich categories and tags. Keywords are how the search engines know what your video is about so ensure that you use the tags to maximum effect. (This may require you to complete a keyword research if you haven’t already done so)
  2. Once your video is uploaded and your tags are neatly in place, you can then promote your video to all of your followers and friends on your Social Networking sites (Facebook / Twitter). In your account settings, you will find the option call ‘AutoShare’ – once you have connected your accounts this will be done for you.
  3. Promoting your video further afield is the next step, simple things you can do are embed the code into your blog and website, or you might want to use the video as part of an email newsletter, all these are great inexpensive ways to get your message to your audience
  4. Pay for your video to be seen: Did you know that, like Google Adwords, you can promote your videos across YouTube through a dynamic, auction-based marketplace. (and as YouTube is fast becoming as big a Search Engine as Google this is a good move) The tool that enables you to do this is promoted videos, and like AdWords the visitors find you using keywords, but a better feature than AdWords is that users can interact with video and leave comments and ratings – a powerful marketing tool. You only pay when someone watches the video, and you can choose which related subjects you want your video to appear alongside.
  5. Finally test and measure, Insights will give you exactly that – reports into who is watching your video and where in the world they are based.

We think that promoting your video via YouTube is a great way of generating more traffic to your website, just some other useful stats on YouTube

It Is:

  • # 1 entertainment site on the Internet, and #4 largest Internet destination
  • Unique monthly visitors: 90 million
  • Average monthly time spent on site per user: 54 minutes
  • Monthly pageviews: 5.3 billion

So get videoing, it’s a much more personal way of getting your company message and personality onto the Internet, need some help? Get in touch with JCK now – We can help you put your video message together.