These days having a website is just not enough, with the proliferation of smartphones your customers are spending a lot of their online hours on a device they can hold in their hand. The reality is that consumers are now spending time using smartphone apps instead of the search engines and are using social media sites to interact with each other to discuss what restaurant they might visit tonight before they book to see a film (on their smartphone of course?)

So consumer behaviour is changing – radically, and you need to make sure your business is changing with it, or you might be swept away in the tide. Nowadays the traditional two way conversation between business and consumer has a third dimension to it, and that is the consumer-consumer conversation, you may not be able to make an ‘app’ for your business but you should be able to take part in the conversation, and actually isn’t it vital that you do so that you understand their exact needs and wants to enhance your product or service offering – and it doesn’t matter what device your customer is using to interact as long as you can respond!

So can you get involved in interacting in a mobile market – well the answer is yes, some ideas to adding value in to your clients in the mobile world are:

  • Acquire new customers through mobile booking (could you create an app?)
  • Improve customer service via social networks and improve consumer experience
  • Enhance loyalty for your best customers, can you use text to message to them?
  • Create mobile campaigns that integrate well with other marketing efforts
Mobile marketing is only going to get bigger as more smart phones are sold….take time to think about how you can harness this new sales channel for your business.