On Page SEO, the 6 key things you need to know

So you want to know what the basics are for on page SEO. There are really 6 things you need to get right. Of course these points make the assumption that you have done your keyword research ( you have done it right?!)

OK, so armed with your keyword list (…yes really) here we go for every page you need to complete the following:

Unique Meta Title and Descriptions for every page

These are the ‘hidden’ parts of your website, but actually they are not really hidden at all as they are what is displayed in the results of the search engines, and they look like this


Get your keywords in your Meta Titles (purple line) and Descriptions (the two black lines of text), but also make sure that they are a call to action – after all people will be reading them!

Your URL

It is a good idea to have the keywords in your URL. So it might look something like www.yourdomainname.com/yourkeyword. That way the search engines already have an idea what that page is about.

Your Headline

This can be a challenge as it needs to be snappy, but ideally you should also include your keywords. You need to have one main headline per page and then sub headings underneath. (The main heading is dictated using an H1 tag) Whatever you do, don’t have more than one H1 heading on your page this isn’t good practise.

Your content

The words you use on a website are really important to get the visitor to trust you and get them to want more. But is is also important to make sure your keywords are in the onpage text. About 3-4% is a good proportion. Of course if this is really not achievable it is actually better to write with humans in mind and not the robots!

Your Images

Don’t neglect the images that appear on your website, make sure that you upload the images using keywords for the titles and not titles such as ‘image1’ . When your images are in place then describe the images using the alt tags. Again keywords are useful, but don’t overdo it and better to describe the image than ‘keyword stuff’

Internal Linking

You need to make sure that you put internal links into your writing. These links should be keyword rich, so instead of writing click here, you should write check out our ‘yourkeyword’ offer. As an example if I wanted to link you to our branding page. if you want help growing your business you might like to think about branding … you get the idea?

That’s it really, complete all these things for the pages on your website and you’ll be on track, of course you could just leave it to the experts!