We touched briefly on testimonials on our post about your online brand, but it is really important for you to have a mechanism for collecting client feedback, testimonials and case studies.

Why are they so important?

Well prospects would love to read how other customers of yours found your service, what they feel about you and what the overall experience was of their interaction with you. It allows the prospect to build truct in you and your organisation and also builds your credibility in your field.

Good feedback from your clients will enable new customers to feel less skeptical about doing business with you, especially if they have common problems that your products or service solve.

Here are a couple of testimonials that we have received in the last week (demonstrating different sides of our business)

Firstly, Tangible Intelligence specialises in helping clients win sales through the application of direct  communication to their market.  Our primary means to reach our clients’ customers and prospects is via telemarketing coupled with online and offline written communication their Managing Director wrote:

“In the highly complex world of online marketing we were looking for a company with which we could partner, that could offer us the toolbox to provide the tools to enable us to provide a completely integrated solution embracing website design and hosting, CRM, auto-responders and SMS.

With Curve we have much more than that.  Not only do we have the tools we need to implement the communication programmes we design but we have a full back-up team completely in sync with our way of thinking and able to extend the reach of what we are able to offer.  Furthermore as a team we are able to keep up to date with new advances in marketing and internet technology to a far greater extent than we could have on our own.

If, like me, you are looking for a credible organisation to partner with and who can extend your resources in the areas of effective marketing and internet technology, I would strongly recommend that you take a look at Curve.  Their training is second to none and they embrace the latest technology, bringing on board experts in the field to ensure they stay ahead of the game.”

Please do have a mechanism for collecting these valuable sales aids, you won’t regret it!